Picking The Right Fabric For Your Sofa

January 29, 2017

The fabric you choose for your sofa bed is often just as important as the style or design – with different fabric colours and styles bringing vastly different feels to an interior space.

Ultimately, the current style of your home and your personal preference should determine the fabric of your sofa… taking in to account whether you want to match with other colours and styles in the home, or create contrast that works.

For example: Soft earthy greens, browns and yellow hues match well with a classic Scandinavian style which is wintery and inspired by nature. Similarly, charcoal and grey tones suit the clean industrial-chic style… while smooth leather-like finishes portray a modern sharp feel, and heavier weaves and courser finishes bringing a more rustic, natural touch.

Sigmund day bad shown in 534 Coastal Seal Grey

While your existing interior design scheme will play a major role in determining your fabric choice, there are of course ‘trends’ in style that are considered to be more popular than others at given times.

Current trends: Most interior design experts agree that the modern-day increase in ecological awareness and concern for the environment has driven a greater interest in the acceptance of a broad spectrum of lush greens, naturally booming pinks and reds, and a range of bright and intense blues that connect with the sea and the sky.

Hermod Sofa shown in 561 Twist Rust Red
On the opposing side of the colour spectrum, hushed tones are also popular, with muted pinks, soft corals and quiet greys representing the focus in many homes of creating a calm, soothing and relaxing sanctuary – a place to escape the fast pace and demands of modern life.

Splitback chair with Frej armrests shown in 557 Soft Coral

Innovation Recommendations: 

New for the 2017 Innovation textile collection are several fabrics that we think could be perfect for your new sofa.

At Innovation Living Melbourne, in a bid to make the Fabric Selection Process as easy as possible for you, we provide a free sofa bed fabric picking service to assist you in choosing a custom furniture fabric that will best suit your preferences or current design scheme.

Many of our Danish designed sofa beds are available in any number of Innovation Living Textiles, which you have the option of picking from for your order. In order to find the right custom textile, we can provide you with samples of any of our fabrics available to view online… simply use this form to require your sample types!

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