Dual Pillowtop Excess Pocket Spring Mattress 13-16 cm

The added layer of hypersoft foam included within this mattress adds luxurious comfort for the user. It is similar in composition to the Excess Pocket Spring – the higher coils in the Excess Pocket Spring models provide a softer sofa comfort. With the addition of the Dual Pillowtop you achieve a superior softness and greater absorption of impact for a soft and more comfortable sleep. 

Available for: Bifrost – Dual Pillowtop  Cassius Deluxe – Dual Pillowtop, Long Horn Dual , Supremax – Dual Pillowtop, & Ran Dual.

Excess Pocket Spring mattress 13-16 cm

The higher coils in the Excess Pocket Spring models provide a softer sofa comfort. In combination with the core foam casing, the Excess mattress has higher absorption of pressure on each spring for a more comfortable sleep.

Available for: Bifrost Deluxe Excess, Cassius Deluxe Excess Lounger, Long Horn Deluxe Excess, Longhorn Deluxe Excess – Walnut Arm, Pyxis, Supremax Deluxe Excess, Ran Deluxe Excess, VoganYonata 

Dual Pocket Spring mattress 6-12 cm

The Pocket Spring Dual comfort share the general composition of the Pocket Spring models apart from the extra layer of hyper soft foam that gives these sofa beds an extra soft feel. This extra layer of luxury provides a soft seating comfort as well as a mattress recommended for everyday sleeping.

Available for: Achillas, Dublexo, Dublexo Frej, Eluma-Dual, Frode, Frode with Arms, Idun-Dual, Malloy, Osvald, Tripi &Trym-Dual.

Pocket Spring mattress 6-12 cm

The individual pockets in these models ensure that pressure is applied to each individual spring for better support – in seating as well as sleeping position. The high resilient foam casing contributes to a breathable mattress while providing a soft top support.

Available for: Conlix, Eluma-Buttons, Ghia, Idun-Sleek, Nolis, Nordham, Pascala, Puzzle Wood, Recast, Recast 180, Splitback, Splitback Frej, Sly, Trym, Unfurl, Unfurl Lounger, & Zeal.

No-Zag Spring mattress

The No-zag Spring provides an even and soft comfort ideal for sofa seats and backrests. The thick layer of high resilient foam enhances the comfort of the spring to ensure a great sleeping experience as well.

Available for: Cubed 90, Cubed 140, Cubed 160, Hogalar 80,  Hogalar 140.


A core of high resilient OEKO-TEX foam surrounded by soft layers of fiberfill creates a firm mattress suitable for comfortable seating and sleeping.

Available for:

Pocket Split

Pocket Spring mattresses ensure that pressure is applied to each spring separately. The result is a mattress that supports individual parts of your body better. The springs are surrounded by layers of high resilient foam providing a soft top support – whether for playing, sitting, or sleeping. Pocket Split mattresses consist of two separate mattresses that can used separate or in combination.

Available for: Sigmund

Soft Spring Mattress

The spring mattress is characterised by the soft comfort combined with effective pressure relief. Furthermore, the combination of fiberfill, a thin layer of foam, and the pocket springs ensure that the mattress is breathable and able to conduct moisture and heat away at night.

Available for:
Aslak & Balder

soft spring

At Innovation Living Melbourne, we provide a broad design range within our collection of designer Sofa Beds and Daybeds to accommodate individual purpose and preference.

Since 1989 when we first started developing classic futon concepts, the cotton-based mattress has been our area of expertise. However, as we branched out in to the development of high quality sofa beds, we directed our focus on different sofa bed mattress styles, spring types and sizes, to offer our customers exceptional sleeping and seating comfort.

This overview gives you an idea about the different types of sofa bed mattresses we can offer you.