Danish Design

Innovation Living Melbourne is the home of Danish designed sofa beds, with our showroom located in Carlton North. We have a large and unique living collection based on a conceptual design idea, a so-called knock down design. This makes our Danish sofa beds easy to use without sacrificing on quality or comfort.

An Innovation sofa bed is designed to fit and function well in any room and for any need, no matter how and where you live.

Historical Review

Innovation™ was founded in 1971 in Denmark by Flemming Højfeldt, who is still the owner and Chairman of the company. Inspired by his personal experience with the first production communities of the ‘Flower Power’ generation, he started the company with a production of beanbags.

For 15 years Innovation™ functioned as a supplier for the furniture industry, but by the end of the 80’s Højfeldt’s desire to produce his own designs took over. A decision that started with a competition among design students at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, and ended with a concept for contemporary sofa sleepers.

Innovation USA was founded in 1991 and today Innovation™ is an international furniture enterprise with production facilities in Denmark and China.

Innovation Living Melbourne opened in Richmond in late 2011. Since that time it has grown and opened a new larger store in Hawthorn in 2014. Our second (and currently sole) showroom in Carlton North opened in July 2015. Visit our showroom and browse over the largest Innovation™ collection in Australia.

Happy Employees

All Innovation™ employees, in Denmark, China the USA and Australia are given the best working conditions to feel comfortable, perform their best and make an impact. The founding value of the company is respect. Respect towards colleagues, customers and the environment. Where possible materials are recycled and waste is minimized.

As an international company we see it as our duty to contribute to better working conditions and a cleaner environment for all.