Danish Design Furniture

Contemporary Scandinavian design is based around a focus on ultimate functionality going hand in hand with sophisticated design aesthetic. Therefore, our team of designers, product developers and technical brains at Innovative Living Melbourne must work together to integrate these concepts in each and every piece of our Danish designed furniture.

For us, ultimate functionality entitles clever and efficient transformation methods for our sofa bed designs, as well as always ensuring we provide a supreme level of comfort… Our visual design elements speak for themselves.

Per Weiss

Danish designer Per Weiss is the head of our design department and Director of Innovation Design Office International. Born in Denmark in 1959, Per Weiss was an all-round creative person, and started his career as a professional musician whilst studying at the School of Architecture in Aarthus. Choosing to prioritise his design visions, he proceeded to work for many famous Danish architects including Friis & Moltke and Schmidt, and Hammer & Lassen.

In 1988 Per Weiss graduated as an industrial designer, and has been a huge part of our company since 1989 – as the driving force behind the constant creative development of our Danish inspired designer furniture collection. Inspired by Scandinavian design tradition as well as fashion and lifestyle trends, he creates long-lasting design with a contemporary appeal.

Designs with values

Our aim is to create furniture that makes a difference in the everyday lives of individuals. We offer good design that combines style, comfort and functionality. Innovation™ is not just a name, but what we do. We combined decades of experience in the furniture business with an eagerness to evolve and surprise – to create attractive and useful Danish design furniture, sofa beds and accessories to suit modern interior spaces.

Our vision for the future is not only present in our design, but also in our core company values. Innovation Living has a certified environmental profile, and all recyclable waste – like cardboard, plastic, iron and metal – is separated and used in other productions. Residual, combustible waste is incinerated in low-pollution plants. Packaging is reduced to minimum needed for sale transportation.

Two generations behind Frej

The Frej design is a result of a close partnership between farther Per Weiss and his son Oliver Krogh Weiss.

Frej is based on the original ideas behind the classic Danish furniture design’s in the 50s and 60s which is interpreted in a contemporary style with a future aim. Frej armrest fits to Splitback, Asmund, Dublexo and Fiftynine – a modern multifunctional design for the everyday use.


Oliver & Lukas WeissKrogh

Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh founded Studio WeissKrogh in 2012 and have since designed products for various furniture manufacturers such as Innovation Living, BOGO and Frandsen Group. Studio WeissKrogh is focused on designing valuable, carefully thought out commercial and environment friendly products that will make a difference for the end user..

They are two ambitious brothers with great passion for furniture design. They grew up in a creative home with parents educated in architecture and industrial design. Growing up they traveled around the world always with design and culture in focus. This upbringing has given them a broad knowledge of the furniture industry, design and architecture. Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh are sons of the designer Per Weiss, Creative Director at Innovation Living and Anne Mette Krogh, Global Interior Designer at LEGO..

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