Fabric made from recycled plastic waste

Vivus and Argus are both OEKO-TEX certified fabrics made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.
The recycled polyester yarn is made from recycled plastic waste.

The plastic waste is shredded into flakes by a machine, then melted down into pellets and extruded into yarn. The production of recycled fabric doesn’t use as much energy or resources as creating fibers and fabrics from scratch.

Detachable, washable & renewable

Washable up to 30 degrees celsius!

In 2021 we increased – and still do – our focus on detachable covers as this option makes it easy to choose more delicate textiles and offers the ability to renew the cover at the end of its life cycle.

Simply remove, wash, and put the cover back on again – or replace with a new cover to refresh the look of your sofa.

Look for: AchillasConlix, PascalaPuri, + Yonata.

replacement parts

Maintain & Refresh

Replacement of spare parts

We urge our users to reconsider before disposing their sofa. We provide the option of prolonging a product’s life cycle by offering washable and detachable covers and the ability to renew spare parts.
Offering this option encourages to engage in circular consumer patterns instead of purchasing new. Give your Innovation Living product a second life by reusing, refurbishing or repairing it.

Give back to nature

Innovation Living as a parent company is dedicated to
planting 10.000+ trees every year

To contribute to the balance of the global ecosystem Innovation Living plants more than 10.000 trees every year to help compensate for our consumption of wood. The trees we plant are monitored by a certified forester.

planting a tree

Melbourne Initiative

At Innovation Living Melbourne, we value our natural environment, as both inspiration and life giving.
As a local family based company part of an International company we see it as our duty to contribute to a better future.

The Plant-A-Tree program is carried out by Carbon Neutral and aims to restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems. We at Innovation have already committed to planting 189 trees through Carbon Neutral. For every invoice raised, customers will have the option to offset their purchase.