Ghia – Chrome

Original price was: $2,049.00.Current price is: $1,845.00. inc GST

Ghia – Laser

$2,159.00$2,399.00 inc GST

Ghia – Wood

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $2,249.00. inc GST


$2,199.00 inc GST

Puri Daybed

$1,849.00 inc GST


$1,899.00$2,289.00 inc GST

Zeal Daybed

$1,299.00$1,749.00 inc GST

Zeal Straw Daybed

Original price was: $1,899.00.Current price is: $1,709.00. inc GST

Enhance the use of space in your home with a convertible designer daybed from Innovative Living Melbourne. Our modern day beds come in a range of unique designs and textile options to maximise personal comfort and style.

Innovative daybed that can transform to single and double beds depending on your space and style, making them perfect for guests or everyday use. We have incorporated unique folding methods and innovative Danish design themes, where comfort meets functionality, to create a range of different sitting and laying positions.

Our single and double daybeds come in solid wood or metal base materials, with an array of different styles and features that fit varying needs in terms of comfort and space. Customisable options are available from our vast array of Innovation Fabrics – guaranteeing a designer day bed to suit any interior living space.

Browse our range of designer daybeds online, as well as cushions and accessories to match.

Contact us with any enquiries regarding our day bed stock. We ship to Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Custom orders may take approximately 12-14 weeks for delivery.