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The Latest in Danish Furniture Design Trends

July 15, 2019

If you’re looking to spruce up your home this winter with the latest in interior design, look no further than modern Danish decor. Combat the Melburnian cold with a style that makes you feel warm, cozy, and Hygge – content with the simple things. Like curling up in a fluffy rug by the fire with a good book. Or spending a night in with friends and a home cooked meal. 


Traditional Danish design is characterised by functionality and simplicity.


Iconic Scandinavian-style interiors are minimalist in appearance, featuring soft hues, earthy tones and a blend of textures, which promotes warmth and comfort. 


Minimal yet snug, it’s no surprise the Nordic look is so popular in 2019. Modern interior design has seen a return to the traditional function of a space, which is that it should ultimately make you feel comfortable and ‘at home’, whilst lifting your mood through simple aesthetic enhancements, like vibrant colour palettes and decorative textures. 


Enhance your home with Innovation Living’s classy range of Danish-designed furniture, which is comfortable, chic and sure to give your home the stylish look you’ve always wanted.


2019 continues to see a rise in minimalist design and style, which traditional Scandinavian colour palettes reflect. Interiors featuring muted, calming palettes with blacks, greys, whites and browns dominate the Danish design scene, often starkly contrasted against a striking furniture piece to create a bold, dramatic statement. Take our Vogan Sofa Bed, for example. Innovation Living offers an extensive range of colours that suits all tastes. 


Warm, cozy textiles are also extremely popular this winter. Making sure your home feels like a home – relaxing, comfortable and calming – and creating a feeling of coziness and deep contentment for the simple things in life is essential for designing any living space. The Danes call this the Hygge philosophy, which is the philosophy that underpins all Scandinavian decor design. 


Three-dimensional textures in carpets, rugs or throws are also taking off. Forget bland colour schemes too – creative raised patterns featuring deep jewel tones, emeralds, dark blues and ivory, are just some of the earthy hues trending this winter. 


Textures like wools, mohairs, sheepskin all have their origins in Nordic countries, and create a welcoming, inviting feeling in any space. Like our Bowen Throw, which is a great way to bring patterns and contrasting colours to your bedroom or living area.


Beautiful wooden accessories are also trending this winter, which is another feature of traditional Scandinavian design. Warm wood tones and sepia hues can work together to soften the mood of a room, evoking feelings of relaxation and calm – a soothing antidote to Melbourne’s crisp winter temperatures. Try our Kiffa Adjustable Table, for example, for a modest but multi-purpose addition to your kitchen or living room. 


Keeping up with the latest interior design is incredibly easy with Innovation Living’s affordable range of Danish furniture and homewares.


Get in touch today to find out more about any of our products, or visit us at one of our many showrooms! 

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