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How to Choose a Fabric Colour for Your New Sofa

February 20, 2018

The sofa is easily the central element of any living room. In most spaces, it’s the focal point, the furniture item that draws people in, and one of the most used pieces of household furniture. Needless to say, choosing the right sofa is important. Although, what a lot of people don’t realise is that selecting a fabric colour is just as important as choosing the sofa itself.



When considering colours, you can go in one of two directions. Option one is a hue that blends in seamlessly with your interior, complementing the flooring, curtains, wall colour and even your décor. This is the ‘safe’ choice. Option two is a bold, eye-catching colour that makes your sofa really stand-out.


For instance, a cream-coloured sofa would be complementary in a neutral-toned room, while a red or navy sofa – while not completely outlandish – would be considered a bolder pairing in the same space.


Here, we detail some of the top considerations you should make when selecting the fabric colour that’s right for you.

Who will be Using the Sofa?


Do you have young children, pets, or just love sipping on a glass of red wine on the couch? Busy households should try to steer clear of delicate fabrics in light colours like white and cream. However, if you have pets, black might not be the best option, as animal fur will stick-out like a sore thumb on dark fabrics. You should also avoid textured fabrics that aren’t as forgiving stain-wise.

Do You Want to Incorporate a Bit of Colour Without Being too Bold?


If you’ve always decorated with neutral colours and want to mix things up a bit, but don’t want a colour that’s too pronounced, choose a fabric in a shade that’s slightly off colour. For instance, select a shade that’s not distinctively yellow or green, but a neutralised version of both.



Are Nature-Inspired Colours Right up Your Alley?


A beautiful sofa that acts as a neutral base can look truly spectacular in almost any interior. Soft, muted, watery blues and greens draw on nature’s familiar colour palette, and adds a subtle splash of colour in an otherwise subdued room.


Want Something Simple That Goes With Everything?


When we think of universal colours – or in this case, shades – black and white usually comes to mind, but did you know that natural linen shades are just as versatile? This is a popular choice among homeowners, as it moulds perfectly with countless interior decorating styles, from French provincial to contemporary and even nautical.


Choosing a fabric colour for your sofa is a big decision. To see the colours and textures we have available at Innovation Sofa Beds, take a look at our online fabric picker, or visit one of our showrooms today!

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