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Benefits of Investing in a Sofa Bed

January 10, 2017

Furnishing your home isn’t a decision made lightly… with purchases standing for years as an investment in your home and family. With this in mind, Sofa Beds are often considered one of the most valuable furniture investments due to their functional versatility.


 A sofa bed, by name, serves two different functions. Not only can it be used as comfortable seating, but you also get the added benefit of folding out an extra bed. This multi-functionality is perfect for homes with limited space that frequently accommodate extra guests, or in apartments where you may want to get duel purpose out of a restricted floor plan.

Alternate occasional bedding options, such as an inflatable mattress, don’t offer the added benefit of being used as appropriate seating, and aren’t anywhere near as comfortable when used as a bed.


 A further benefit of sofa beds is that they are not isolated for use in living areas only. Sofa beds can be used in just about any room of the house… and all of a sudden, your home office doubles as a guest bedroom.

A study, rumpus room or lounge area can always benefit from extra seating, and in a house with limited rooms, choosing a sofa bed for that seating gives the option of transferring the functionality of that room at will.


 Sofa Beds are designed to serve a variety of purposes… and are therefore built to be sturdy and durable in order to withstand regular transformation from sofa to bed. The engineering and mechanics of a quality sofa bed last as many years as a traditional sofa or bed, offering even more on your duel-purpose investment.

The Innovation Difference

Innovation Living Melbourne has decades of experience designing and constructing sofa beds that incorporate our 3 most important features of great design, clever functionality and quality comfort.

Our great designs come from our Danish heritage, with revered Scandinavian Stylists at the centre of our Danish Design Team. Our headquarters are located in Denmark, with the famous Scandinavian sleek minimalism and focus on functionality influencing our modern sofa bed designs.

Unlike some sofa beds, the multi-functionality doesn’t influence the quality of our designs. Incorporating unique folding mechanisms to make transformation to bed as quick and easy as possible, an Innovation sofa beds does not compromising on style as a stand alone sofa.

Browse our range of Danish Designed Sofa Beds online, or swing by one of our modern Melbourne showrooms in Hawthorn and Carlton to see our sofa beds for yourself.

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